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Tricia Mason(non-registered)
Great photos Kelly! Thanks for making our wedding extra special and for preserving our memories. The wedding went by so quickly. The best part was that your photos helped me see the wedding from the point of view of the guests. Your photos are very organic and natural. I see something different every time I look at our photos.
Betty Parks(non-registered)
Kelly, fantastic work and really nice lighting. You just keep getting better and better. When do you sleep?
Lisa Humbert(non-registered)
Great pics and article, Kelly. Glad to see you're still at it - keep doing what you love!
Robin (Painter) Becht(non-registered)
I cannot believe these fellas are still going strong! Great pics Kelly!
Gary Roseborough(non-registered)
Impressive photos. I really like the composition as well as you angles you used in a lot of your photos.
Mike Nolan(non-registered)
Very nice website, Kelly.  I enjoyed exploring the site, and looking at examples of your work.  Very well done.  The photographs from Cliff's retirement party were well done.  I will be referring friends and family your way...
Kathy Irwin(non-registered)
Kelly, your photos are amazing. Did the DA's office not have the women officers photos? Have really enjoyed your photos of your trips. If you ever come this way, let me know and we can catch up. There are lots of rural spaces here that would be awesome photos. Good work.
I think that you are a very gifted photographer because you are a very gifted person who seeks the best for everyone. This positive thinking and being and your natural sensitivity and care for others is reflected in your work. We wish you the very best in this venture. There is no doubt your success will bring happiness to those who photos you take and the wonder you capture!
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